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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I purchase credits?
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is traffic generated?
The traffic comes from websites with a lot of traffic, who display your popunder window or your popin banner to visitors trough our server. For regional traffic we detect in realtime the country of the visitor and if it matches the country wanted by you, your website is displayed to him.

How much traffic will reach my website?
We guarantee that 99% of the traffic requested by you will reach your website. Please note that if your website or traffic analisys software is down or if your counter software is not accurate, we cannot be held responsible if our traffic logs are different from your logs.

What are credits, hits and visitors?
Credits represent the number of hits (unique visitors that we could send to your website) that you have in your account,which can be sent to your website by starting a campaign. All this 3 terms mean the same thing, the number of unique visitors.

How can I purchase credits?
You have to visit our order page and click on the button next to the number of credits you require. You will be redirected to a secure payment form. Your private Credit Card information is protected because we do not have access to it.

How long will it take untill I can use the credits I just purchased?
You will recieve an email from us immediatelly after your payment was approuved. You will be able to start using your credits within a few minutes after we verify your payment. Depending on how fast your payment is authorised, It could take up to 24H or 48H during weekends.

How can I use the credits to send visitors to my website?
You`ll have to login to your account and start a campaign. You could add a campaign using the campaign manager. Once the campaign is started, visitors are viewing your website. In order to start a campaign you`ll have to chose how many visitors you want to send to your website.

What are POPUNDERS and POPINS? What is the difference between them?
The popunders are windows that could display your banner or html page to the visitors, being open behind the window currently used by the visitor. The popins are dynamic layers displayed over the page used by the visitor, in the same window. The difference between them is that unlike popunders, popins can display only images, like banners,gif or flash animations.

Is my personal information safe?
We are not able to save or view your Credit Card details like card number, pin or security code. This information is processed by a secure and trusted Credit Card Processor - Only your contact information such as name, address, telephone and email are forwarded to us, along with the payment confirmation. Your contact details are saved on a secure database on our server, you can edit them anytime using 'Your Account'. You might also want to read our Privacy Policy.

What if my server logs show that you sent less traffic than your traffic logs?
There are many reasons for this to happen: your server could be down for maintainance for short periods, it could be offline because it`s internet connection could be down. Your website could be cached by a proxy server or by any other cache databases on the network. In this case, the visitor views the copy of your website from the cache server, and your server logs do not show this hit. That`s why you should prevent your website from being cached. There are also many other technical problems that could determine your logs not to be accurate.

Can I see a demo POPUNDER window, or a demo POPIN banner?
Please click here. You`ll be able to view an advanced demo.



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