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Becoming a RESELLER for our traffic
Frequently Asked Questions
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A service for resellers

We deliver raw and regional traffic for resellers with a large number of campaigns, targeted or untargeted. Our reseller control panel includes tools optimized for hundreds of campaigns. Read more about our reseller accounts.

Reseller Unique Visitors

A visitor is sent to each campaign only one time per day, guaranteed! The visitor`s IP address is logged into a database. All visitors sent to your website will be first verified if their browser is able to display the required advertisement.

Country Detection

For regional traffic, the country of the visitor is detected using his IP address in real time. We do not check the language settings in the visitor`s browser, the detection has an 99% accuracy, thanks to the IP2Country database provided by WTools Country Detector and Redirector by IP.

Free Demo 

In order to test our software you can login as user 'demo' with password 'demo' and use a few free credits each day. You could place a counter on your website or you could verify your server logs to make sure you are receiving traffic.

Start your advertising campaign now!

Traffic means customers. You could start sending web traffic to your website in order to get visitors from the mainstream, or you could chouse regional traffic for visitors filtered by country. Order Now!



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